Masjid Negara, which is also known as the National Mosque in Malaysia, was built in 1965 to memorialize Malaysia’s independence. It comprises of a main prayer hall with 48 smaller domes surrounding it, and is spread across 13 acres. Masjid Negara can accommodate approximately 15,100 people and resembles Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca. The mosque was designed to portray a variety of abstract shapes and geometric lattice, which is incorporated into the roof and ironworks.

Masjid Negara is strategically located near popular tourist locations such as the Malayan Railway Station, the Islamic Arts Museum,  Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, and Lake Gardens. Besides being a place to perform prayers, Masjid Negara can serve as a place to conduct official ceremonies, lectures, seminars, and training workshops.



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