Khalid’s career as a singer & songwriter began in 2016. Since then he has released 3 albums and several singers. The album, Free Spirit, is 57 minutes and 22 seconds long and has a total of 17 songs. This album features collaborations with John Mayer, SAFE, and Disclosure. My personal favorite songs from this album aren”Talk” and “Free Spirit”. Over the years Khalid has become a popular R&B, soul, and hiphop artist, and has recently hit six billion streams on Spotify, making him the most streamed artist in the world on Spotify. I have included this artist and this album in my collection because I feel aa though he has already produced so much great content, yet still has so much to offer given that his career is still fresh, which is why I encourage others to listen to him.

Shared By: Nancy Cunha
Image Alt Text: Album cover for Free Spirit by Khalid, released in 2019.

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