Brent Faiyaz’s career as an R&B / hiphop artist began in 2013. Since then he has released several singles, done many collaborations, and released two of his own albums. Sonder Son, which was released in 2017, includes 12 songs and is a total of 42 minutes and 26 seconds long. This album was produced by the label “Lost Kids”and was made available as a digital download and as a vinyl. My personal favorite songs from this album are “First World Problems”, “Stay Down”, and “Talk 2 U”. I decided to make this album part of my collection because I think it is a great representation of modern R&B with a mix of hiphop. My goal is for the collection as a whole to show many genres of music from many established and upcoming artists, and I believe this album fits right in.

Shared By: Nancy Cunha
Image Alt Text: Album cover for Sonder Son by Brent Faiyaz, released in 2017.

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