Giveon is the newest artist in this collection, given that he began his career as a singer / songwriter in 2018, and has only recently seen a large growth is his fan base. The album that I am highlighting in this collection is called Take Time, which was released in 2020 and is currently his first and only album. This album unites 8 songs which together make up 24 minutes and 10 seconds of music and features no collaborations with other artists. Although this is his only album, he does have several EP’s an singles. It should also be noted that he is featured in Justin Bieber’s recent album called Justice, specifically his song “Peaches”. I decided to include him in my collection as an upcoming artist and am very excited to see him grow and reach many levels of achievement.

Shared By: Nancy Cunha
Image Alt Text: Album cover for Take Time by Giveon, released in 2020.

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