The first wave of feminism was focused specifically on getting white, mostly upper-class women the right to vote. This was incredibly controversial, and there was a large amount of backlash against the so-called suffragettes. While this movement began in the early 1800s, it would not see its goals achieved until much later. In 1848, about 200 women met in a church. They came up with 12 resolutions asking for specific rights, such as the right to vote. Reproductive rights also became an important issue for early feminists. After years of feminist activism, Congress finally passed the 19th amendment in 1920 and gave women the vote. (This was almost 30 years after New Zealand became the first country where women could vote).

This is an image of women protesting for suffrage in front of the white house, which captures the essence of the first wave.

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Image Alt Text: First Wave of Feminism

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