The photo shown above is of a young mother and child from the streets of Bombay, India begging for money through McCurry’s own taxi window during a monsoon. In a 2011 interview with Phaidon Publishing Company, Mccurry was quoted as saying “The symbolism of me being in a sort of air-conditioned bubble as these people are out in the elements, in the heat and humidity and the rain, struggling to find their way in the world…the photo has all sorts of meaning.” (Mccurry, 2011). I chose this photo to be a part of my archive as once again the color red is a stand-out aspect of the photo in which the consequences of war and poverty are showcased. It seems to be a pattern with McCurry, using bright colors contrasted with darker ones to emphasize his focus.

Shared By: Hope Fogel
Image Alt Text: A mother and daughter from Bombay, India beg for help through a taxi window.

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