This is an 1835 book of the Polyglott Bible, stereotyped by L. Johnson. It belonged to someone named Harriet Hogg. This bible includes both the Old and New Testament, as well as visual depcitions of various verses and chapters. Its monetary value is unknown, as it has not been appraised. Because of its poor condition (damaged spine cover), it may be worth around 40-80 US dollars. On the inside of the cover, there are two pencil signatures of Harriet Hog’s, which would mean this book includes nearly 200-year-old handwriting. I own this book because I thought it was cool, and it was free. I am very interested in collecting antique books, and I have around 40 pre-World War II books. I also enjoy having books that clearly were loved by other people first. I selected it for this specific online collection because it is my oldest book.


Creator: L. Johnson

Subject: Religion

Publisher: Delsilver, Thomas, & Co.

Publishing Year: 1835

Language: English

Format: Book

Shared By: Elisabeth Sauerman
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