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A portrait of a young boy covered in a red substance staring at into the camera.

Red Boy (1996)

In this photo, a young boy from Mumbai, India can be seen staring into the camera with a red substance (paint, powder, etc.) covering the entire upper part…

A mother and daughter from Bombay, India beg for help through a taxi window.

Beggar Girl (1993)

The photo shown above is of a young mother and child from the streets of Bombay, India begging for money through McCurry’s own taxi window during a monsoon….

A group of Indian women wearing national clothing huddling together to protect themselves from a dust storm.

Dust Storm (1983)

This photo was taken in 1983 Rajasthan, India, near the India-Pakistan border when India and Pakistan were in conflict – it also happened to be the hottest time…

A portrait of a young Pakistan refugee girl named Sharbat Gula.

Afghan Girl (1984)

Steve McCurry is one of the most popular artists in humanist photography and photojournalism. Throughout McCurry’s career, he has covered many conflicts in different parts of the world…