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An ancient Arabian sailboat featuring a Lateen (triangular) sail.

Arabian vessel featuring a lateen sail

The lateen sail, known for its triangular design, revolutionized sailing as a whole. Aside from the mast, it was also fitted to a crossbar (which would later become…

History of the United States, From Their First Settlement as Colonies, to the Close of the War with Great Britain in 1815. To Which are Added Questions, Adapted to the Use of Schools.

This is an 1842 book of United States history, through 1815. It is unknown who compiled and wrote this book, but its publisher and publishing year are known….

The History of England from The Invasion of Julius Cesar to the Abdication of James the Second, 1688… Vol. IV.

This is an 1856 book on a section of the history of England. It is the fourth volume in the set. I got this book for free at…

A Child’s History of England Volume I. England from the Ancient Times, to the Reign of Henry the Fifth

This is the first volume in an 1858 children’s history series, written by Charles Dickens. This book was also free. I chose to get this book because of…