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Marble Statue of Hermes

This Marble Statue of Hermes is attributed to Polykleitos, who also created Doryphoros. This Hermes is very similar to Doryphoros stylistically and in the presentation of the body….

Marble Statue of a Kouros (youth)

This a statue of a Kouros, a youth, made out of marble. This is a representation of a youth and would function as a grave marker or votive,…

Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut

This is a statue is of Hatshepsut made out of red granite in the New Kingdom. It is larger than life-size which is typical of images of the…

Standing Male Worshiper

This is a statue of a male worshiper from Abu Temple in the Ancient Near East. This type of statue serves as a votive, a votive is an…

Silenus Fountain Statue

A fountain statue of Silenus, an ancient Greek companion deity to Dionysus, riding a wine wineskin. Made in Italy in the early 20th century.

The King’s Lyre

A golden sculpture of a bull’s head, originally attached to an ancient Mesopotamian lyre. Found in the site of Ur, an ancient Mesopotamian city in modern-day Iraq. It…

Fudo Sculpture

A wood and lacquer sculpture of the Buddhist deity Fudo. Created in 18th century Japan. Fudo is a wrathful deity, and is often depicted surrounded in flame, as…

Jaguar Effigy Vessel

A stone effigy vessel of a jaguar. The place of origin is uncertain, possibly being from either modern-day Peru or Bolivia.