In the Grimm’s version of Hansel and Gretel the stepmother leaves the children out in the woods to die twice. When they return the first time she tells the husband they have to leave the children in the forest again, with no remorse. The witch puts Hansel in a cage as soon as they enter the house and fatten them up with plans to eat the two kids. When the kids finally escape from the witch by leaving her in the oven, they find the stepmother has died and the father is happy they are home. 

This painting portrays the old woman or witch inviting the children into her house. WIthout context this picture seems innocent. Alexander Zick did not illustrate the children stuck in the woods alone, children in cages, the stepmother dying, or the witch in the oven. He again does not focus on the gory details, but paints a beautiful, almost happy picture with bright colors.

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Source: illustrated by Alexander Zick,
Image Alt Text: The witch inviting the children into her house

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