The Jaguar E-Type, also known as the Jaguar XK-E in the North American Market, is a British sports car produced by Jaguar Cars Ltd between the years 1961 and 1975.

This classic car is sometimes referred to as “one of the most stunning cars in existence” and “one of the greatest classic cars of all time.” The sports coup’s top speed clocks in at 150 mph with a sub-7-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration.

Assembled in Coventry, England, the E-Type was based on Jaguar’s previous racing car model, the D-Type, which “won the 24 Hours of Le Mans” three years in a row starting in 1955.

In addition to being a highly sought after vehicle in the automotive community, the E-Type has made appearances in many popular media pieces, such as the Diabolik comic series, the Austin Powers films, and the television series Mad Men.

I have included this car in my collection due to its many accolades. In 2005, Sports Car International magazine ranked the Jaguar E-Type as the number one car in their list of Top Sports Cars of the 1960s. In addition, March of 2008 saw the E-Type ranked first in The Daily Telegraph‘s list of the world’s “100 most beautiful cars” of all time.

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