There are many different theories about the birthplace of Greek god Zeus, king of the Olympian gods and the god of sky and thunder. Different stories often give different accounts. This particular image is of the Ideon Adron cave in Mount Ida, located in Crete; it is home to one of the more prominent theories regarding where Zeus was born. The other, and arguably more popular account, maps the king of gods’ birthplace in Dikteon Cave, located in another mountain range on the Greek island Crete. The story states that Rhea, Zeus’ mother, gave birth to Zeus in a cave in a Cretian mountain, saving his life by giving the titan Chronos a rock swaddled in baby cloths to eat instead of the babe.

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Source: Shuttershock
Image Alt Text: Small tracks lead a wooden cart up to the mouth of a cave in the Mount Ida range in Crete, named the Ideon Andron Cave.

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