This painting is describing one of the first scenes in King Lear. This was created by American artist Edward Austin Abbey from 1897-1898, who was well known for his atmospheric landscapes of Shakespeare scenes. Within this scene, Cordelia is being cast out by her father, King Lear, for refusing to flatter him. Her two sisters, Regan and Gonoreil, look on in pleasure as she is cast out, while the Prince of France kisses her hand, symbolizing their future betrothal. The colors are vibrant and lifelike, letting the painting portray the scene in a vivid way. This painting echoes the sense of loss and betrayal that Cordelia experiences as her father turns on her.

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Source: King Lear, Act I Scene I, (1897-1898), oil on canvas | © Crisco 1492/WikiCommons
Image Alt Text: Cordelia\\\'s Goodbye

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